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NABCO Develops A Remote Access Control Panel for Use with Gyro Tech™; Automatic Doors

Control Panel
MUSKEGO, WISCONSIN NABCO Entrances has developed a Remote Access Control Panel for use with all Gyro Tech™;, microprocessor-controlled sliding, folding or swing doors. The new device allows full door control and monitoring from a remote location up to 200 feet away and is ideal for applications such as nurses stations, guard houses or reception desks.

NABCO's Remote Access Control Panel has two mode switches, four control switches, a keyed lock that prevents changes to mode settings, and a main on/off switch. Mode switches allow the operator to control access and Open or Hold Open door functions. The access control can be set for two-way traffic, one way traffic, or restricted access. Changes in mode are confirmed by audio signals or LED indicator lights. The eleven LED lights allow the operator to closely monitor all door functions. Lights indicate door mode, presence of an object or pedestrian approaching door, and door status such as locked, open, or broken out.

An energy saving feature for sliding doors allows the operator to reduce the size of the door opening stroke to conserve heating or cooling energy on hot or cold days.

An external daily timer or computer may be connected to the NABCO Control Panel to automatically control the door mode at specific times each day.

The Remote Access Control Panel, like all Gyro Tech products, meets the latest ANSI and BHMA requirements. The Remote Access Control Panel interfaces perfectly with all U series microprocessor-controlled Gyro Tech doors: the GT 1175 Whisper Slider Series including the All Glass, Telescopic, Heavy Duty and Hurricane Models; the GT 300, and GT 400 Swing Doors; and the GT 1400 Folding Door.

Gyro Tech™; is the brand name of automatic entrance systems offered by NABCO Entrances Inc. located in Muskego, Wisconsin. NABCO Entrances is the only automatic door company that manufactures its own line of advanced sensor systems in addition to high performance swing, sliding and folding doors, and operators.

High Resolution Image Download
Remote Access Control Panel (1,035 k)

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